MES4SME workshop fully booked ­čÜÇ

Next Monday (16/11) we will participate in the┬á#MES4SME┬áproject to demonstrate our ­ŁŚľ­ŁŚú­ŁŚá­ŁŚŽ ­ŁŚ│­ŁŚ┐­ŁŚ«­ŁŚ║­ŁŚ▓­Łśä­ŁŚ╝­ŁŚ┐­ŁŚŞ. Through online workshops on digital work instructions, participants are able to discover the possibilities by simulating a work schedule on a real production line. Our sessions are already full, but do not hesitate to contact us: we are happy to answer your questions/show our demo.More information?­čĹë Contact┬á­čĹë Check out our website:┬á┬á#MES┬á#MOM┬á#CPMS┬á#industrie40┬á#digitalewerkinstructies