An example of continious development

In 1986, three instrument engineers – Frits Stegeman, Marnix Vandevoorde and Gratiaan Top – set up the Contec organisation. The young Contec is situated close to the port of Antwerp and at first only focuses on instrumentation technologies. Over the years the activities expand to include the complete industrial automation of production processes, electrical power studies and safety studies.

By continually making the difference and striving towards higher increased value for our clients Contec grows significantly. In 1989, shortly after starting up in Antwerp, Contec sets up its Kortrijk branch. In 2009 Gratiaan Top – as remaining founder – hands over the operational management  to the second Contec generation.

On the 1st of January 2012, the company sets up its first international branch in Romania (Ploiești). This is currently the home base of 30 Romanian engineers. In May 2013 Contec starts a branch office in Amiens, situated in the North of France. In September of the same year two French colleagues join the company. Nowadays the French team consists of about seven people. In that same period Contec hires Polish engineers for the first time. In the summer of 2014 – by analogy with the Romanian office – Contec starts up a subsidiary Łodź, Poland. At the moment the Polish Contec team consists of about nine people.

Today Contec numbers around 200 co-workers in total.

A company in the hands of its employees

From the start, Contec’s founders resolutely opt for a cooperative company formula. This means that all employees at Contec get the chance to participate financially in the company. Contec’s capital is therefore completely owned by its employees. This system has three major advantages:

  • Contec is completely independent of external or foreign capital, which means we can react quickly to the market or requests from clients.
  • The employees’ personal involvement in the company’s activities is one of the factors that contribute to the high engagement of our people.
  • Contec’s low staff-turnover ensures further development of the knowledge and experience already built up.

Our history

Our strenghts

Long term relationships

In a world where subcontracting engineers is a widespread phenomenon, Contec is swimming against the tide a bit. We hire colleagues directly as much as possible and stand for mutual engagement (cf. the cooperative nature of the company). We also attach a great deal of importance to building up solid partnerships with our clients.

Over the last 33 years we have experienced the evolution of the production infrastructure of a great number of clients from very close quarters. Today, this enables us to really think along with them about their processes and needs.

Independent market position

One of our greatest gems is our complete independence of third parties.

Due to the absence of external capital in the company – all our shares are in the hands of our employees – we don’t have to take into account exter­nal stakeholders. Therefore we do not depend on certain suppliers or installers, enabling us to offer time and time again the most qualitative and cost efficient solution tailored to our client.

Our independent structure also allows us to take decisions very quickly and to respond swiftly to new technologies or changes on the market.

Tailor made solutions

Despite Contec’s exponential growth, we continue to strive for a sufficiently flat organisational structure that allows us to be flexible. On the one hand we aim for smart standardisation, at the same time however customisation and thinking along with clients is what differentiates us from other, larger players on the mar­ket.

Our clients range from small & medium sized com­panies to world leading multinationals: we understand the needs and context of both. One size never fits all.

High added value services

One of our key strategies is to continuously invest in ser­vices that offer a high added value; a level of value that cannot easily be found elsewhere on the market. We are able to offer our clients technical services that require a high level of knowledge, experience and risk warranty.

In addition to our technical expertise, we create value by our flexible way of working and our client focus. Cli­ents can count on us to keep their production going at all times and in the best possible way. Because we care.<