New refuelling park

A client asked us to design and supply the electrical and automation systems for a new tank farm for the storage of acid. The acid product is unloaded from barges and loaded onto transport HGVs and ships. Safety is crucial in this project.The assignment of our team consisted of the specification of the main instrumentation, engineering and design of the distribution, MCC, PLC, tracing and lighting of the cabinet (in EPLAN P8). The power study, performed with SKM Powertools, took care of the fault-tolerant design of the electrical protections and the distribution of motor cables. The architecture of the ring network guaranteed the availability of the automation systems. The redundant PLC system was designed to combine safety and control signals.The SIL level was validated with calculations in exSILentia. Because we do not have our own construction team, we engaged an experienced E&I contractor in an industrial environment. Together we successfully started up the installation.