Tank pit integration

The purpose of our customer's investment project was twofold. On the one hand the replacement of the control system of the existing quay and the expansion of the functionality. On the other hand, the installation of three additional fuel wells. The biggest challenge was phase 1, because it involved the migration of 10,000 inputs and outputs (I/Os) in a very limited period of time. We only had 3 months to prepare everything, we checked all I/O's in 3 days and realised a complete conversion in only 12 hours. To ensure maximum availability, we were on non-stop standby at the site for 72 hours after the conversion. Phase 2 of the project meant two weeks of I / O testing per new tank pit, without hampering the ongoing production processes. The integration of the new tank wells into the existing installation took 1 hour per well. In short: efficient teamwork at its best.