Manufacturing Control

Also on PLC & SCADA level we help you to continu­ously adapt and optimise your production floor. The projects we deliver range from making small improve­ments to developing entirely new production lines.

Since the largest part of our clientele can be found in the process industry, we are accustomed to tight deadlines. We give a lot of thought to realising projects in such a way that you have the least possible downtime. This means that, whenever possible, we work on systems while they are online.

If this is not feasible, we reduce conver­sion times to a minimum by preparing everything down to the smallest detail and, of course, working against the clock during commissioning. Luckily, we are blessed with a truly passionate and flexible team, existing out of lots of fresh talent supported by a layer of se­nior engineers with decades of hands-on experience in a wide range of indus­tries.

Having a structured project approach and work­ing according to standards – whether it’s our own or yours – is key in establishing a successful and lasting cooperation. The benefits are numerous:


  • Transparency
    Good agreements make good friends
  • Technical documentation
    We’ll still know what we did and how we did it 10 years from today.
  • Continuity
    Personnel mobility causes less hassle when soft­ware has been developed according to an un­ambiguous standard.
  • Efficiency
    A systematic approach enables us to deliver quality work fast, thus keeping the budget un­der control.

Case study

The objective of our client’s investment project was two-fold. Firstly, the control system of the existing quay needed to be replaced and functionality had to be ex­panded. Secondly, three additional tank pits had to be installed. The biggest chal­lenge was phase 1 because it entailed the migration of 10 000 I/O’s in a very limited period of time. We only had 3 months to prepare everything, we checked all I/O’s in 3 days and we realised the actual system switch over in only 12 hours.

To ensure maximum availability we were standby on site nonstop for 72 hours after the switch over. Phase 2 of the project took 2 weeks of I/O testing per new tank pit, without the system being shut down. The integration of the new tank pits into the existing instal­lation took a shutdown of 1 hour per pit. In short: efficient teamwork at its best.