Also on PLC & SCADA level, we help you to continuously adapt and optimise your production floor. The projects we deliver vary from making small improvements to developing completely new production lines.

Respecting deadlines

Because the majority of our customers are working in the process industry, we are used to tight deadlines. Because of our efficient approach we realise projects with a minimum of downtime. We prepare everything down to the smallest detail. We spend sufficient time on developing a correct functional description (FDS). On a simulation platform, we test the adjustments together with the client (FAT). Based on this, improvements can already be carried out without affecting production. The execution of the SAT and commissioning is done if possible on a running installation. If the modification requires a standstill, this will remain minimal as we already fine-tuned everything during the simulation. For larger modifications, we work in phases and always keep a 'fall back scenario' in mind. In all steps, we always take the agreed deadline into account.

Technologies and standards

Our most commonly used technologies:
- Rockwell
- Siemens
- Schneider
- AVEVA - Wonderware
- MiR
- Honeywell

We also have knowledge of:
- Mitsubishi
- Omron
- Beckhoff
- Ignition

We use the following standards:- PlantPax- PackML- APL- EDTI- Customer-specific standards- customised standard

Tight project approach is the best guarantee for sustainable cooperation

The key to our success has a lot to do with our structured project approach. We are transparent about our agreements, work efficiently and always watch over the budget. We take care of the technical documentation at all times. Thanks to well-documented software, we guarantee maximum availability of your production process.

Case study: Tank pit integration

The aim of our customer's investment project was twofold. On the one hand, the replacement of the control system of the existing quay and the expansion of the functionality. On the other hand, the installation of three extra tank wells. The biggest challenge was phase 1, as it involved the migration of 10 000 I/Os in a very limited period of time. We only had 3 months to prepare everything, we checked all I / O's in 3 days and finalised a complete conversion in only 12 hours. To ensure maximum availability, we were on non-stop standby at the site for 72 hours after the conversion. Phase 2 of the project meant two weeks of I / O testing per new tank pit, without hampering the ongoing production processes. The integration of the new tank wells into the existing installation took 1 hour per well. In short: efficient teamwork at its best.
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