The projects I'm involved in, are diverse and challenging. I've learned a lot.


Senior Power engineer

After graduating I started working at Contec as Power Engineer. I started with some projects that entailed the design of industrial electrical installations in Powertools. With this software tool you can calculate the possible short circuit currents and evaluate if all parts of the installation are adequate and safe. After conducting a study we present our clients with an action list that they can execute according to their priorities.

Another important project I’m working on is FlanSea, a research project concerning renewable tidal wave energy. Along with the University of Ghent and other industrial partners we developed a test buoy. This buoy is used to further investigate the possibilities and economic feasibility of wave energy.

On site at a client in Antwerp I’m also part of a team that sets up and implements Comos, an advanced Siemens engineering tool. For this project, that is more software oriented than the others, knowledge of the client’s processes is crucial.

The projects I’m involved in are diverse and challenging. I’ve learned a lot at Contec during the past 1.5 years and I’m looking forward to continuing to do so in the future!