Never boring

The technological versatility of our projects allows you to focus on your interests.

Never alone

Our work is like one big puzzle: the contribution of each colleague is crucial to get results. We are one team. That is why we focus on personal and shared leadership.

Never no reason

We do more than improve and automate processes. We firmly believe that our work provides added value for the economy, people and society.

Never out

We give our employees the opportunity and space to follow training.

One family

Participate literally and figuratively

From the outset, Contec's founders resolutely opted for the formula of a cooperative company. This means that all employees at Contec are given the opportunity to participate financially in the company. Contec's capital is therefore fully owned by its employees.


Bart, Account Manager

"Contec also organises some nice activities with colleagues to help you unwind after work."

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Ria, Sales Engineer

“There’s room to develop and grow within Contec and because of the flexible,...

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Maciej, Junior Automation Engineer

"Contec, as an employer, grants young engineers tremendous opportunity to acquire hand on experience and...

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Peter, Head of Department MOM

"Due to the technological versatility of these projects, our employees are deployed - where possible - on...

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Edyta, Management Assistant

"Contec really is a great place to develop your skills and learn new things."

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Thibault, Application Engineer

"Thanks to Contec, I gained experience in programming but also in communication with clients."

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Matthias, Task Force Coordinator

"What struck me was the professionalism and the very good collegial atmosphere that still prevails within the company to this day."

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Sofie, HR Officer

"Even though I don't have the 'right' diploma, at Contec I still got the chance to prove myself and it was...

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Petre, Junior Software Developer

"Contec, as an employer, grants young engineers tremendous opportunity to acquire hand on experience and...

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Starting at Contec

Suppose you're interested in working in a growing, international company like Contec. What can you expect from your first months?
You signed your contract. We'll start planning everything so you can get off to a good start.
Your first day on the job! You will receive all the information you need to get off to a good start.
We are convinced that you can learn a lot by doing. In the first weeks you will follow the necessary training and support to use the acquired knowledge in a realistic project.
We'll follow you closely to make sure everything goes as expected. A moment to look back and reflect
After 6 months you will be involved in the standard performance cycle, with annual coaching and many training opportunities.

Be part of our team?