Industrial IT

For decades, IT (Informational Technology) and OT (Operational Technology) have been operating in two different realms. IT departments focus on security and technology updates. OT prioritises production and stability.

Key services

  • Converged Plantwide Ethernet
  • Business Contingency planning
  • Migrations and upgrades
  • Cybersecurity audits and integration
  • Pro-Active monitoring
  • Support contracts 24/7

The true value of modern technology lies in converging IT and OT. First, Internet Protocol (IP) devices have replaced legacy OT technology. Next, OT has been implementing virtualisation and disaster recovery. Now, smart devices and Industrial Internet of Things are introduced in OT.

OT faces the challenge of implementing a new, higher standard of technology and security, while maintaining focus on production. Industrial IT professionals will understand your unique needs and assist in moving to industry 4.0, delivering the converged IT/OT infrastructure.

Technology used:

  • VMware Datacenter Virtualisation
  • Windows Server platforms
  • Cisco Industrial Network Specialist
  • Thin client and mobile solutions

Case study

One of our clients was building a new plant from the ground-up and required a plantwide converged ICT design that was simple, durable, secure and ex­pandable. More than 1000 IP devices needed to be integrated. First, we physically segmented Office, DMZ and Manufacturing networks. To reduce ca­bling costs and increase network redundancy we used ring structures. Next, we logically segmented each network using VLANs. The server room was built up in such a way that it could automatically recover from any type of hardware failure, using VMware High Availability and stacked switches.

Using virtualisation and thin clients, we made sure that 40 operator stations receive their published applications automatically and can be replaced in minutes. Finally, redundant firewalls were placed for secured office access, remote startup support and diagnostics. Today, two years later, the system has been running flawlessly and our client is ex­panding the plant with a new production line and new operator stations. The virtualised server room will require no additional hardware to accomplish this.