Electrical Engineering

In close cooperation with your piping and process engineers, we see to it that your existing hardware infrastructure is safe, reliable and evolves with the times. Expanding your production? We help you through the entire project life cycle and design your production infrastructure from scratch.

Key services

  •  Feasibility and Basic studies
  •  Instrument, analyser and valve specification
  •  Design of electrical systems and (Ex) control panels
  •  Termination and control room design
  •  Development of E&I construction work packages
  •  Commissioning and construction supervision

Power studies and Electrical safety

Our power team specialises in a broad range of electrical studies, high voltage projects and electrical safety.

  • Process safety
  • Machine safety

Industrial Safety

Our certified functional safety specialists perform risk analyses of both your existing and new infrastructure. Based on their findings, together we decide on the safety level the installations must meet. We then design and validate your safety loops to ensure your systems are safe and highly available.

  • Short circuit calculation studies
  • Equipment evaluation studies
  • Load flows and voltage drops
  • Motor start conditions
  • Co-ordination studies
  • Arc Flash Hazard calculations

Case study

A client requested us to design and deliver the electrical and automation systems for a new tank farm, meant to store a heavy acid. The acid product would be unloaded from barges and loaded onto truck lorries and ships. It goes without say­ing that safety was an important consideration.

Our team’s mission included the specification of the main instrumentation and the engineering and design of the distribution, MCC, PLC, tracing and lightning cabinet. The power study, done with SKM Powertools, ensured the fault tolerant design of the distribution and motor cables. The architecture of the ring network guaranteed the high availability of the automation systems. The redundant PLC system was engineered to combine safety and control signals. We validated the SIL level by means of calculations in exSILentia.

Since we don’t have an inhouse construction team, we engaged an experienced E&I con­tractor in industrial environments. Together we successfully started up the installation.